The owners of Lenox Capital S.A. are privileged to assume the responsibility to assist our clients in reaching their financial objectives:

  • We are independent and maintain unbiased, conflict free approach to investments. There are no in-house-services and products that must be used or placed into clients’ accounts.
  • Clients benefit from our extensive Family Office network of professionals beyond the scope of wealth management.

Asset management

Our investment approach and recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis according to every client’s investment risk profile, time horizon and expectations.

Our investment proposals are customized and fully transparent.

Client’s assets are managed according to his/her preference:

  • Direct Investment Portfolios
  • Modular Investment Funds Services
  • Delegation and consolidation of asset management mandates

Portfolios will be constantly monitored and based on market opportunities, adjusted.

Clients receive state of the art in-house reporting.

Our fee structure is fully transparent.

We support and assist, if needed, the selection of custodian banks.

We unceasingly negotiate with providers for lower fees and costs.