Modular Investment Funds Services

Modular Investment Funds Services

In 2000, Markus Bamert designed a multi-fund portfolio strategy for clients wishing to entrust their liquid assets to a manager who could provide a professionally constructed, diversified portfolio.

Today, the same strategy is at work at Lenox. Our goal is to preserve capital and grow it at a reasonable rate over full market cycles.

We search for talented and experienced managers with established full cycle investment strategies.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Modular flexibility to meet every client’s needs
  • Global coverage
  • Professional portfolio construction with a proven » Strategy Diversification
  • In-depth research of traditional and alternative Funds

Research: Our proven expertise is to hunt for talented investment managers, assess and evaluate their funds.

As a former equity and fixed income fund manager himself, Markus understands how to interview fund managers and analyze potential investment rewards and risks.

Lenox researches and selects fund managers with different investment strategies:

  • Long only = always fully invested
  • Long / Cash = hold some Cash when markets are expensively valued
  • Long / Short = Buy inexpensive and simultaneously sell expensive equities (alternative  investments)

In certain market circumstances, we prefer to hold low cost passive investments.

Portfolio Construction: Success in investing over a full market cycle (bull and bear market) requires solid, diversified » portfolio construction that carefully takes into consideration :

  • Strategy diversification of funds
  • Selection of complementary managers
  • Value, growth, small-, mid- & large capitalization exposure
  • Country & regional allocations
  • Industry sector allocation and theme investing
  • Credit risk
  • Currency and index-overlay, if necessary
  • Costs (we neither receive fund kickbacks nor have distribution contracts)

Lenox is risk-conscious and understands the importance of avoiding unrecoverable losses.

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